fennel-2617_640Something magical happens moments after you start chewing on fennel seeds after a meal: the taste in your mouth changes, replacing the aftertaste of what you have eaten with a cool freshness. The pleasant, licorice-like aroma of the seeds drifts around you as you chew, calming the senses.

The distinct taste of these little seeds combines with the release of volatile oils to give you that refreshing effect. But, the goodness of fennel seeds does not stop there. If you are prone to digestive problems such as gas, bloating and cramps, fennel seeds could be the answer you’re looking for.

In India, fennel seeds are traditionally chewed after a meal to freshen breath and keep our digestive system happy. While the conventional way is to simply pop half a teaspoon of seeds into your mouth, some of us like to lightly roast the seeds before chewing them. This makes them taste nice and nutty, with a lighter aroma. Squeeze a little lime juice over the seeds, and you encourage the digestive juices to flow faster.

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