Come thanksgiving, most of us are going to be dealing with two simple scenarios:

Either we’ll be a guest at someone else’s Thanksgiving or we’ll be hosting one ourselves and I guess like many paleo and low carb diet followers, you’ll be turning your thoughts to what you can serve and eat.

Well the food choices you make will depend very much on how long you’ve been following your particular diet.

The great thing about following relatively easy diets like low carb or paleo is that making good food choices eventually becomes a choice of habit.

In our new book – Easy Thanksgiving the Paleo & Low Carb Way,  we give you helpful guides on things to keep in mind when preparing for this time of year either as a host or a guest.

Plus, we give you  suggestions  about dishes that can not only be made if you’re having thanksgiving at home but  can also be made and taken around for your family or friends’ house should you be eating at someone else’s house.

And of course, delicious and easy to cook low carb and paleo recipes to help you create a wonderful Low Carb and Paleo Thanksgiving Feast for your family and friends.

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