A short time ago, I had the privilege of chatting with Doug Varrieur and we got into many of the insights he has had over the years about successful weight loss. And frankly he was generous both with his time and his wisdom and though his interview is meant to be in next month’s issue – this point here… “ What would you do differently if you started again Knowing what you know now?” will answer some of the many questions we’ve been getting recently and it just seemed too good to hold back.

Here’s Doug…

Doug FAT PANTS whiteMark: Since that day back in your doctor’s office, you’ve obviously learned a huge amount more. Having learnt all that and if you were put in the position having to start again… Is there anything you would do differently knowing what you know now?

Doug: When I first read that question that you sent me, I had the chance to think about it. I said to myself “Ahhhh!! Mark is addressing the people that have fallen off the wagon.

Mark: And the beginners too.

Doug: Yup. Beginners and people that have started the low carb program and for whatever reason fell off that wagon.

I’ll tell you, the single most important thing to do as a beginner or as a person that’s fallen off the wagon. Is go back and reread whatever
book or magazine or articles or revisit whichever doctor, whatever puts you on that low carb path, go back there again and start over – reread, revisit, reunderstand. Get good knowledge level and look at sugar as poison.

Once you recognize the fact that sugar is poison to your body – then it will disgust you to eat anything that turns into glucose. That’s
the first thing I would do.

The second thing I would do is don’t think you’re going to save these foods for a rainy day because there is never going to be a rainy
day for you low carbers. You have got to go in your house, you’ve got to pick the box up, take the bags out, empty out the refrigerator
and empty out the cabinets. Don’t save the rice, don’t save the pasta, don’t say “well, maybe somebody will come over and I’ll give
them one of these cakes”.

Get rid of them all.

Get everything out of your house and get rid of it.

Then start immediately.

Start with breakfast. Have a couple of pork chops and a couple of eggs or cheese omelette or coconut flapjacks but start immediately
with breakfast because it is one meal.

Just like baby steps – one step at a time, then you’ll learn to walk. With low carb, it’s one meal at a time.

Don’t ever be hungry ever, ever. Learn to eat before you’re hungry and the way you do that is go on a three-day test. Don’t put any
food in your mouth, none from awakening until you first start feeling hungry.

There is no such thing as breakfast as being in a certain time and lunch at a certain time and dinner at a certain time. That was done many,
many years ago by farmers… They would get up before light, go out in the fields and work, get hungry, come back and mom would’ve
made biscuits and the bacon or whatever she’s feeding for breakfast – fat-packed usually.

They have their breakfast and shoot back out to work and then the noonday sun would come and they’d come back and finish whatever
was leftover from breakfast for lunch.

Then they’d go back out and work till dark and they’ll come back in and mom would have the stew and the biscuits and people would eat.
That’s where breakfast, lunch and dinner came from.

Well, I don’t see anybody driving down the street in their car mowing hay. You know, they’re driving in the street with their cars listening
to their ipod.

Mark: You have a point.

Doug: So really. All food is a fuel for the human body. That’s all it is and you wouldn’t put gasoline in your car if the car was full.

Mark: No.

Doug: You’ll wait till the car was empty.

Same with your body.

So what you want to do when you wake up is you want to grab a notepad but don’t eat anything. Have your tea, have your coffee but don’t
have any food. When you first start getting the signals that you’re hungry, in other words your stomach starts to growl, you start to feel hungry, maybe your mouth starts to salivate a little bit, look at your clock and mark it on your notepad. Mark down the time that you got hungry and then have a low carb meal and then do not eat again until you get hungry again.

It may be 10 o’clock in the morning before you first start to feel hungry – and by the way – when you have that first low carb meal,
only eat enough to satisfy the hunger. I call it the half-of-that.

Most people make a plate that’s huge.

If you make a big plate because of habit. Go ahead and cut it in half. Just put half the food on the plate, leave the other half somewhere
away from you. Wait for 15 minutes after you eat that first half of plate and see if you’re still hungry. Now I’m not talking about “Gee,
that tasted good, I want to eat the rest of it”.

I’m talking about your body is satisfied, if you’re not hungry anymore – you stop.

If you’re still hungry, go back and eat some more food but make sure you wait that 15 minutes. Then do not eat again until you get hungry again and when you get hungry again, mark it on that yellow pad or that notepad. Do the same thing for dinner or the next meal. It might be 2 hours later if you want to have a snack. You might eat five times a day. But only eat when you’re hungry. Mark down those times because most of us, believe it or – not based on our current schedules – will get hungry at the same time everyday.

Mark: Yeah, some people do.

Doug: Once you discover your personal individual feeding times over a three day period, then what you’ll do is you o’clock in the morning so at 9:45 go ahead and start preparing your meal because you’re going to be hungry in 15 minutes.

Eating when you’re hungry causes you to overeat. eating when you need food causes you to stay within the guidelines of what you
need for your body.

Mark: That sounds very sensible.

Doug: It is. That really is the single best method to start or restart low carb.

First, go back and visit the source that turned you on to low carb.

Second, get back in touch with your own individual body.

Now number three…

Make sure at eye level in your refrigerator, you have snack trays – eye level. When you open that refrigerator door you should see a platter of chicken wings. You should see some cheese. You should see some strawberries, some blackberries, some raspberries – all low glycemic

Once you get to a point where you’ve lost all the weight you want, you can start to add a few extras in there like apples and apricots.
But never again will you eat a banana.

So keep foods at eye level so that when you do have an urge to bite something, you don’t bite something that you should not bite.
Finally, when you’re traveling, you’re in your car – you’re driving here and you’re driving there… The greatest tool is to have something
with you that you can snack on – almonds, seeds, cheese sticks, beef jerky, all wonderful foods. Those fats and cheese sticks, will take
you out of the hunger zone instantly.

Mark: Oh yeah. I do exactly the same. If ever I’ve got a little bit of a hunger, I’ll go and cut a couple slices of cheese and it’s gone.

Doug: What’s your favorite cheese being over in Europe?

Mark: They all are, that’s the problem hahaha. Even the stinky ones

Doug: The stinky ones like limburger?

Mark: All of those.

Doug: We’re cheese freaks.

But you know, I’ll tell you, Western Medicine is changing Mark. There was a time when people believed (and actually, many
doctors still believe) that eating fats are going to increase your lipid count.

In my particular situation, I quadrupled my fats and reduced my lipids immensely. Good cholesterol but way up and I find this to be
true with many of our readers too. There are still some people out there that do have lipid issues and they do have to deal with it
through their doctor’s advice and so on. But hey, look! When you run triglycerides from the 500, 600, 700 range for years and years
and years. Guess what folks?

The plaque inside your arteries is already built.

I had a heart issue years ago. I was already thin and my doctors could not understand why I had a heart issue at that point in time.

I had a 90% blockage in my left anterior descending artery. They call that the widow maker, here in the States because most men
ignore it. It’s like heart burn. It’s not your typical elephant on your shoulder type heart attack, it was just a blockage.

So they went in and put a stent inside that artery and my doctors explained to me that that particular plaque is called the hardening
of the arteries plaque. It doesn’t come from fats. It comes from excess triglycerides.

So I got my triglycerides back in line. And over the years I have been taking a cocktail of natural, holistic things like buckwheat that
tend to break that type of plaque down and dissipate it. I felt fantastic.

I’m 58 this year and I want to be a centaurian.

Mark: Me too!

Doug: I want to be a centaurian.

Mark: People say to me, you’re going to live forever. So I say’ well at least 250…. laughs

Doug: Isn’t it within our own choices?

Mark: I think so, yeah.

I think aging is not what we should be doing, if you know what I mean. It’s something in our brain tells us that we’re
supposed to age.

Doug: And just like breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Mark: Exactly, it’s a habit. It’s a bad habit.

Doug: It is!

So there we go… Short but vital pearls of wisdom from Doug.

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