I needed to lose weight. After having four children, and gaining a significant amount of weight during each pregnancy, I had about 50 pounds of extra fat covering my body. The time was now, but what type of diet should I choose? After some research, I decided on a low carb diet, as I am not a big fan of breads and other high-carb foods.

However, there were other things I learned that I would not be able to indulge in, and I knew that I would be missing some of my favorites. In this article, I will tell you about many of the food types you cant eat on a low carb diet.


Breads, Pasta and Rice

Bread, pasta and rice photo by Keith WellerHere is where the high carbs come in. Bread, pasta and rice are not only high in carbs, but very low in nutritional value altogether. You can try these items if they are whole grain, and sugar-free, but on a low carb diet, they should be used in very limited amounts, if at all.

Sugar, Pastries and Candy

Sweets photo by missayumiSugar, pastries and candy are probably the most evil carbs! they contain huge amounts of carbohydrates, and offer little to no nutritional value whatsoever. There is really no place for these items on a low-carb diet. If I was craving sweets, which I do on occasion, I had to opt for sugar-free gelatin or low-carb yogurt. I could do that, I decided. After three or four days, the craving for sweets was mostly gone.

Fruits- Insidious Carbs

Berries photo by laura0509I do like fruit. However, upon learning that they contain large amounts of carbs and sugar, I realized they would not play a large role in my new, low-carb way of eating. Since a low-carb diet usually means less than 60 carbs per day, I had to be choosy when picking my carbs. Fruit seemed to be one of the food types you cant eat on a low carb diet. I did learn, however, that if you wish to include fruit in your food plan, berries are the best choices. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries are all good choices, and they contain less carbs than other fruits. I just had to limit myself to a small serving each day. I liked to sprinkle a few in my yogurt for extra flavor.


NCI_26Veggies are a staple on diet, and are not one one of the food types you cant eat on a low carb diet. In fact, salads are a mainstay when you are limiting your carbs. I did, however find that there are some vegetables that are a definite no-no if you are watching the carbs. These include: carrots, corn, beets and many others. I kept a carb-counting book handy to check before I indulged.

These are just some of the food types you cant eat on a low carb diet. I missed some of my favorite foods, but I enjoyed my new diet full of protein and veggies. I came up with many recipes using alternatives for higher-carb foods. And within 8 months, I was free of my extra 50 pounds, and am now the healthiest I have ever been!

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