Dick Van Dyke thinks he has found the cause of his mystery illness and dental implants might have something to do with it.

Last month, Van Dyke revealed he has been suffering from an undiagnosed neurological disorder for the past seven years. He told his Twitter followers he experiences a pulsing-sensation in his head coupled with severe fatigue. He had underwent a battery of tests to try to figure out the problem, including a CAT scan, MRI and spinal tap, but to no avail.

“Tests and scans have yet to reveal a specific diagnosis. Various medications have not diminished the symptoms,” his rep, Bob Palmer, told USA Today at the time. He added that the 87-year-old star was in “good physical condition” otherwise, but the fatigue had become acute. The actor was forced to cancel a public appearance in New York City that month because his doctor advised him not to fly out of Malibu.

On Thursday, Van Dyke announced he might’ve finally found the cause of his mystery illness: .

It seems that my titanium dental implants are the cause of my head pounding. Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks for all your replies

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