Diabetes type 1 is a form of the disease that is typically diagnosed in children. Now, scientists have shown that a gluten-free diet may be able to protect against the development of this disease, according to new research published recently in the journal Diabetes. The study done on laboratory mice revealed that this prevention resulted from changing the diet of the mothers when they were pregnant and during feeding of their offspring. Researchers hope that this might be applicable to humans as well, and if so, might represent a new strategy in preventing the disease.

Type 1 is more rare form of diabetes, affecting approximately five percent of those suffering from the disease. While type 2 tends to develop in adulthood when the body becomes resistant to the actions of the hormone insulin, type 1 typically starts in childhood. In this variant, the body produces an autoimmune response which destroys the beta-cells of the pancreas, resulting in an inability to produce insulin. Because of this, individuals affected by this disease must manage the symptoms for life by injecting insulin when required.

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