To fight gum diseases, you have to maintain proper dental hygiene and dentist visits. However, only brushing, flossing, and dental visit is not enough. Sometimes, you have to consider proper food habits. Thus, many dentists suggest changing the diet to get a quick cure from a gum problem. You can also treat your common dental problems by visiting your dentist. Your dentist can guide you on whether or not you need to shift to a keto diet.

It has been seen that the Keto diet performs very well when it comes to reducing gum diseases in patients.

However, you should be very careful that the diet shouldn’t impact your overall weight. Because to maintain mouth health, you should intake healthy food as well.

Keto diet for oral health: What does it mean?

Many researchers have discovered that a low carb diet or low sugar diet maintains proper mouth health. How? Low carb and low sugar diet increase ketosis that prevents the tartar from building up in gum line. The ketosis also lowers the chances of getting cavities and other gum diseases to occur.

The effects of ketosis on your oral health

You need to increase the production of ketones by consuming low carb and low sugar diet to minimize the periodontal diseases.

Remember, carbohydrates increase the bacteria growth in the mouth and produce acid and build plaque that becomes harder and form tartar in your gum line. If you continue intaking high sugar and carb enriched food and avoid caring for your mouth health, then very soon you will get tooth decay and other gum diseases. Once the acid erosion decreases in your mouth, you can have a good gum line, clean mouth, and fresh breath.

Find out more about the effects of ketosis diet on your breath…

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