Denise Minger

Denise Minger was born on May 4th, 1987,  in California and raised in Seattle.

Her post-college education strategy has been simple. She approach the field of nutrition like learning a new language: total immersion-style. Every day, she makes a conscious effort to surround herself with learning opportunities. She reads everything she can get her hands on—from statistics textbooks to scientific papers. If she can’t grasp something on her own, she email or call smart people and ask them to help her. Her goal is to understand.  She doesn’t stop digging until she has plowed to the bottom and broken her shovel trying to go even deeper.

Denise typically spend about five hours a day reading and writing about nutrition—voluntarily. In January 2014, she published a book called “Death by Food Pyramid” and is gearing up for a second one.

Her interest in health started at age seven, when she first went vegetarian, and then resurged at the age of 11 when an undiagnosed wheat allergy turned her into a walking zombie for a year. Although cutting out wheat improved her health tremendously, that alone wasn’t enough to keep her feeling big-H Healthy, and over the years she cycled through various versions of cooked vegan, raw vegan, and then raw omnivore. 

Although she is still a mostly-raw foodist, she is not the kind that that thinks cooked food is poison—quite the contrary. She eat this way because out of all her self-guinea-pigging dietary experiments, a raw food diet with small amounts of animal products is what brings her “peak performance” for both mind and body.

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