The World Health Organization reports that Dengue, a mosquito-borne viral infection common in tropical and sub-tropical areas across the globe, has become increasingly prevalent in recent years, with about half the world’s population at risk of the disease. The WHO notes that a dengue vaccine is available for use in people between the ages of 9 and 45 who live in affected areas, but Sanofi Pasteur – the vaccine’s manufacturer – is now admitting that the “shot” is not guaranteed to prevent dengue, and could potentially create more issues than it solves.

Earlier this month, at a press conference in Manila, Philippines, Dr. Ng Su Peing, Sanofi’s global medical head, admitted that not only is the company’s vaccine, known as Dengvaxia, not necessarily effective at preventing the disease, but it can actually cause a previously uninfected person to get the virus. Even worse, it causes not just ordinary dengue fever, but severe dengue.

A follow-up study five years after the initial trials showed that at least five more out of every 1,000 participants who had been vaccinated went on to develop dengue fever, while an additional two patients developed the more serious severe dengue, when compared to previously uninfected people who did not receive the vaccine.

The FDA has now suspended distribution of Dengvaxia in the Philippines.

Should that not make us wonder about all those other vaccines that they keep assuring us are safe and effective?

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