One great thing about the increased focus on healthy living is the increased availability of food that’s good for you and tastes good too.

There are more options and ways to eat well than ever before, and people are more familiar with what’s healthy, too.

Take superfoods: Many people may have once not even understood what these were. But now, people know that these additions to a daily (or weekly) diet have the ability to deliver all sorts of vitamins and minerals that you need, in addition to things such as antioxidants that help your body do battle with harmful things, too.

Many of these superfoods are inherently portable, meaning they go well with other foods, such as smoothies. Take, for example, spirulina: It’s a blue green algae that offers vitamins and minerals—and helps to build muscle mass. It also decreases bad cholesterol and lowers blood pressure.

What else can you add to a smoothie to give it a super boost? This graphic offers some ideas:


9 Delicious superfoods you need to incorporate into Your diet

Infographic by Quill


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