Bee Wild grew out of a longing of its founder, John Wright, to bring a piece of the life he grew up with to an urban audience. John grew up in the spectacular beauty of the North Georgia mountains. Soon after high school, John was drawn to the bright lights of Atlanta, a city which, luckily for John, retains its deep Southern heritage.

Our Roots – A Family Tradition

John’s dad became a second-generation beekeeper when his grandfather gave him 10 beehives for this 10th birthday! From then on he kept bees in his backyard and at their family cabin on Lake Burton, taking advantage of the flow of Sourwood Honey, sought after worldwide and considered by many to be the most gourmet honey in the world, and the foundation of our honey line. That hobby grew over time into a business with over 400 hives throughout the North Georgia mountains. John’s dad continues to share his knowledge to this day, teaching beekeeping classes and being a key resource in local University.

The New Generation

John had the idea to take this tradition into not only the city, but the new Millennium. He wanted to create something more than a traditional family honey company. John found team members who have broad and deep personal experience in alternative wellness, entrepreneurship, and personal coaching, and together, have created Bee Wild. And yes, we realize our story just changed from “him” to “we.”

The Vision Drives Us

Bee Wild flows from the life principles of love of the earth, love of people, and authenticity. To that end, we are involved in a number of initiatives:

• Giving projects that support the bees and a sustainable future for us all. Bee Wild supports bee sustainability by donating one percent of our sales to The Center for Food Safety thorough One Percent for the Planet, the brainchild of the founders of Patagonia and Blue Ribbon Flies.

• The development of a formal education program and support for green entrepreneurs.

• An effort to create new and sustainable products from honey, such as a line of natural skin care, as well as the “Wild Side” line of infused honey, which not only gives new life to a familiar taste, but also allows for more sustainability of the bees, as well as the company, reducing reliance on limited availability varietals.

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