A lot of people when they think about starting a low carb diet, they think about all the foods they won’t be able to eat…ever again.  For example, they think in terms of ‘giving up things’, like bread, or pizza, soft drinks, beer or ice cream.  Or whatever other crap that’s relentlessly marketed to us by huge food corporations.  Over and over and over.

These companies don’t care about our health.  They care about food that is cheap to make, shelf stable, and how much money it makes for them and their shareholders.

And it’s true.  If you want to eat ketogenic low carb, you can’t eat junk food.  It’s possible, you could eat those things once a week, like maybe during one meal a week.  But really, the only thing those foods seem to benefit for our bodies is some weird sense of emotional satisfaction.  Comfort foods, so to speak.  Emotional comfort.

I think half the reason we like any food is because of the emotional connection, the memories or references we have for that food.  We grew up eating certain things and we have happy memories of slurping down ice cream with school friends or munching on birthday cake with family.  We literally got to eat cake and ice cream.  And everyone was happy-happy.

So we have all these emotional references or happy memories for the food we crave.  Childhood memories.  It’s not really logical.  It doesn’t make any rational sense to eat ice cream for breakfast.  OR sugar with milk, aka most cereal.  It’s not sensible.

For example, think of a vegetable.  Like broccoli.  If you were forced to eat it when you were a kid, and threatened to not get any dessert if you didn’t eat your broccoli, that’s a pretty imprinted emotional experience.  And if we continue to reference that memory every time we see broccoli, then it’s possible we’d never truly enjoy eating broccoli.  Like some US Presidents.

Solution:  It helps to update the software.

We aren’t kids anymore.  We are adults now… read more

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