Researchers identified beer, sugary drinks, and two healthy types of beverages – fruit juices and tea – as potential causes of chronic kidney disease.

The most egregious offenders were carbonated and sweetened fruit drinks. Guzzling these bubbly, sweet beverages on a regular basis could raise a person’s chance of having kidney problems by as much as 61 percent.

To no one’s surprise, high consumption of beer was reported to be bad for kidney healthy. The Johns Hopkins University research team didn’t go into detail about this, probably because the reason was fairly obvious.

As for the other drinks, the researchers explained that the sugar content in them could eventually lead to increased weight, hypertension, and high insulin resistance. These unhealthy conditions would slowly but surely increase the stress on the kidneys, causing the organs to wear out and lose functionality at a faster rate.

Around 14 percent of the population in the United States suffer from at least one form of chronic kidney disease. The leading causes of these kidney issues were identified to be diabetes and high blood pressure.

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