Ketones are water-soluble fats that aid in tissue healing. They are also very helpful in cases of viral infections such as COVID-19, as they reestablish cellular homeostasis, provide rapid energy, recharge your antioxidants and control oxidation within the cell

Ketones provide cells with an immediate source of energy, allowing them to produce more ATP, which they may need to function when in a state of higher activity due to stressors

Ketones increase nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate hydrogen (NADPH), a reducing agent and nucleotide co-factor that improves your body’s ability to use antioxidants

Ketones also suppress inflammatory pathways present as a result of an infection; they elevate NAD+, which in turn upregulates SIRT genes, SIRT3 in particular, that directly control inflammation

Baking soda and Alka-Seltzer Gold help squelch excessive inflammation by immediately neutralizing peroxynitrites, which are among the most damaging free radicals there are, and work synergistically with ketones to preserve bone and prevent the loss of muscle.

In this interview, Dr. William Seeds, an orthopedic surgeon, reviews how to optimize your metabolic function, improve cellular efficiency and make you more resilient against respiratory viruses using ketones

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