Coconut is healthy! That’s something that most of us in the healthy eating world have known for a long time, though it’s nice to see the rest of the world – including some mainstream scientists – catch Up… Eventually

A newly introduced soybean oil genetically modified to be low in trans fats was only marginally healthier than conventional soybean oil — and not as healthy as coconut oil — in mouse studies assessing the metabolic impact of various high-fat diets.

Compared with control mice fed low-fat diets or high-fat coconut oil diets for 6 months, mice fed soybean oil-rich diets gained significantly more weight, had fattier livers, and had more glucose intolerance, researcher Frances M. Sladek, PhD, of the University of California, Riverside, noted in a March 6 presentation at the Endocrine Society’s 97th annual meeting (ENDO 2015) in San Diego.
Coconut Oil-Fed Mice Gained Less Weight

Mice whose diets consisted of 40% soybean oil genetically modified to be low in linoleic acid did show slightly better metabolic profiles than mice fed diets containing 40% of their calories from conventional soybean oil, and the low-linoleic acid soybean oil-fed mice had little evidence of insulin resistance, Sladek said.

But their weight gain over the 6-month study was similar to that of mice fed the conventional soybean oil diets, and it was significantly greater than that seen in the coconut-oil fed mice.


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