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Low Carb Magazine August 2016

In this issue we have Kirsten Berman aka Gluten-Free Gal where she shares her gluten-free lifestyle.

We feature Maria Emmerich of Maria Mind Body Health – Keto Adapted.

Alain Braux is on the hunt for stories from the wacky world of GMO and you would not believe what he has uncovered this month.

We also have our quick and easy low carb recipes. Plus our usual festivals, products we love and so much more.

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Low Carb Magazine March 2016

In this issue, we have an interesting interview with gluten free baker Jessica Dean who had to cut out gluten from her diet after finding out she had celiacs disease so she switched to using nut flours. On our Top Blogs, we have Stacey Crawford who shares her favorite recipe creations. We also feature Beehive Cheese and The Annual Bacon on the Lakein. Plus, our usual the festivals near you, Alain Brauxs GMO watch, top podcasts and our easy and delicious low carb recipes.

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