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Low Carb Mag March Edition

Becoming single minded is probably one of the most effective ways you can ensure your success in getting leaner and fitter.

If you really want success you should pass every decision you make through the filter of “will doing this or not doing this help me to get fitter and or leaner”.

I’m not so much talking about what could be considered the ‘bigger’ decisions like ‘what diet should I follow’… Hopefully you will already have decided that a Low carb or Paleo
diet type of diet is the healthiest. I’m more talking about the little decisions like…

Where do I go shopping?

What do I buy and take home?

Do I buy the cheaper brand or a better quality one?

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Low Carb Mag February Edition

By making my goals to be the simple steps, the easy actions. I’m going to finish each day having achieved my goals and that means I’m going to feel a lot better about myself, and know I’m successful and that positive reinforcement will spill out into other areas of living creating a mindset based on positive experiences.

What could better then that?

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Low Carb Magazine October 2016

We have Abel James who is without doubt a really nice guy and who you can’t help but look up to in terms of what he has done to get and keep fit and healthy and… Go the extra mile to help others do the same but without having to face many of the he has.

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Low Carb Magazine August 2016

In this issue we have Kirsten Berman aka Gluten-Free Gal where she shares her gluten-free lifestyle.

We feature Maria Emmerich of Maria Mind Body Health – Keto Adapted.

Alain Braux is on the hunt for stories from the wacky world of GMO and you would not believe what he has uncovered this month.

We also have our quick and easy low carb recipes. Plus our usual festivals, products we love and so much more.

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