Carolyn Rush, body worker, dedicated foodie, primal devotee and intrepid queen of tightwaddery is the author of the internationally popular e-book Primal Tightwad: Maximizing Your Health on a Minimal Budget.

A lifelong, self-proclaimed cheapskate, Carolyn wrote this book at the urging of Nora Gedgaudas (best-selling author of the  ancestral health books  Primal Body, Primal Mind and  Primal Fat Burner) to assist and inspire fledgling Primal/Paleo eaters to not let finances get in the way of healthy, low-carb eating.

About Primal Tightwad, Nora says “I guarantee you that the healthiest possible eating is yours and fully affordable if you so much as apply a fraction of the incredible information in these pages.”

Carolyn has worked in the natural products industry since 1992. Always a mindful eater, she started gradually moving toward an ancestral diet around 2009, making the shift from vegetarian to full-on Primal in 2011.

Carolyn also blogs about her creative experiments with low-carb, Primal cooking and baking at

Here is a link to her books  

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