The artisanal craft of sauce making can be dated as far back as the beginnings of the Roman Empire.  Many historians believe that sauces were originally meant to cover up the debatable freshness and quality of the food being served.  The good news for us is we live in a time where sauces are a delicate accompaniment, meant to enhance the entire meal.

Bottled Thyme is built on the philosophy that the family unit is one of the most important parts of life, and helps bring balance to an otherwise hectic schedule.  One of the most influential times of the day for families is the tradition of sitting around the table, enjoying a nice meal while sharing stories of what the day was like for everyone.  What once required an afternoon of preparing and cooking is no longer necessary.  Bottled Thyme aims to provide you with the same flavorful and delicious meal, all while not having to sacrifice your time.

Our culinarians hand craft each sauce with the same love and devotion as they would if they were cooking for their own families.  The passion, mixed with the highest quality of ingredients conveyed into each sauce leaves our customers excited for more after each bite.

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