Lovage, a member of the parsley family, is a widely-used herb in parts of Europe and southwest Asia. Its use in food and natural healing modalities is nothing new, yet it isn’t surprising that you may not have heard of this life giving herb. Lovage has many health benefits, including supporting kidney health, fighting harmful organisms, and possibly reducing joint pain.

Benefits of Organic Lovage

While science continues to explore the many benefits of lovage, there are some researched benefits that have been established for a number of years. Here are 10 benefits that you may experience from using this versatile plant.

Flushes the Risk of Kidney Stones

Lovage is an aquaretic, or a type of diuretic that encourages urination without electrolyte loss. The increased urination clears gravel and calcified stones from the kidneys, possibly aiding in the prevention of kidney stones. Not only that, lovage flushes the urinary tract, possibly preventing urinary tract infections and other urinary problems.

Supports Lung Strength

Traditional medicine uses lovage to loosen phlegm in the lungs, which in turn improves airflow, breathing, and oxygen intake. In one trial eucalyptol, the active chemical compound in lovage that reduces lung irritation, produced significant, positive results within four days. [1]

Soothes Rough Spots

It turns out lovage is loaded with compounds that may soothe rough patches in the body. Compounds in lovage that provide this benefit include limonene, eugenol, and quercetin. Studies involving limonene have shown it provides soothing effects throughout the body, although it has been especially noted to help reduce issues associated with colitis…read more

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