Taking the next step and going from being simply a little more active during your day, to working out for a set amount of time may seem daunting at first but research shows that doing small bouts of exercise is beneficial for your health, and in fact, you can accumulate your daily 30 minutes of exercise throughout the day by being more active.      

Every second counts when it comes to improving your fitness level. Admittedly, walking an extra five minutes a day is not going to get you through a marathon. The real aim with getting people active is to build confidence and gently ease your body into movement. This comes with the hope that a little bit of extra activity will eventually lead to more. The feeling of accomplishment and joy that comes from making it to the top of a flight of stairs without being breathless may not seem like a big milestone to you if you’re an avid exerciser. For someone who’s typically inactive, it’s a huge accomplishment and a wonderful step toward attaining an improved sense of wellness.

For today, lets keep it simple and work using number of repetitions as your guide. This beginner’s workout will include doing the 5 most basic exercises in repetitions



Photo by Keith Allison

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