Back It’s the forgotten body part that needs the most attention. Your back muscles are essential for almost everything you do and neglecting them can lead to pain.

“The problem is, what we do in life is generally done in front of us,” says Lee Boyce, a strength and conditioning coach and fitness writer based in Toronto. “That means that those mirror muscles (the ones we can see) get plenty of opportunities to be used — so much so that they typically get pulled tight, and not in a good way.”

Neglecting certain muscles creates an imbalance.”If there’s a poor balance of strength among muscles from one side of the joint to the other side, then the joint will suffer and chronic pain will begin,” Boyce says.

And unless you work at a gym or deliver the mail, chances are you’re probably sitting at a desk all day. Studies have shown people who sit for over 11 hours a day are slowly killing themselves — literally. Poor posture also increases the risk of metabolic syndromes, heart attacks, strokes, and makes it uncomfortable to do everyday tasks.

Exercises focusing on your back are one way to fix poor posture. Boyce has put together 10 of the most effective workouts and how to do each one. Remember, go at your own pace. If you feel uncomfortable with weights or repetitions, ask a trainer for help.

Here are 10 Exercises For Your Back

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