Author: Lois Ward


Many of the talented people you find writing for or being interviewed by Low Carb Mag are often featured on The Low Carb Paleo Show as well. You’ll find a complete mix of subjects, personalities and genuinely interesting people from people like Mark Sissons (Marks Daily Apple) Robb Wolf (Wired to Eat) through to farmers who raise grass fed animals like Will Harris and Rick Harrison. You can watch or listen to the life changing advice from Kathy Smart – (Living the Smart Way) and a whole host of scientists, doctors, nutritionists and so many more knowledgeable and interesting...

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Does sugar fast-track the ageing process?

Sugar is in just about everything we eat, from natural sugars in foods like fruit and vegetables to added sugars in processed foods including soft drinks, cakes and biscuits. In America, sugar consumption has increased 40 per cent since the 1970s.

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