Shutdowns, show-your-papers for vaccination proof, huge fines for venturing outside and other drastic measures to keep Australian citizens inside their houses have become so prevalent that even being punished for watching the sunset is now part of the “dystopian nightmare” going on in the country.

“No one in Australia is laughing at this,” says Tucker Carlson in a report on his show. “No one can stand back far enough to see the lunacy on display., they’re too far gone.”

The “lunacy” has gone so deep that dogs have been shot in rescue shelters to keep people from traveling to adopt them.

From conducting an all-points-bulletin search for someone who had the audacity to sneeze, alone, on an elevator the nightmare is the real-life condition for Australians.

Add that to mandated COVID vaccines and vaccine passports and you’d almost think this was the Middle East or North Korea or even a jail, Carlson notes.

But it’s Australia.

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