Labels Despite our efforts to be healthier individuals, restaurants and food marketers play a deceptive game. There are many food items that market themselves as natural but actually use pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, or artificial ingredients.

NYC medical practitioner Dr. Appolon shares with us her personal testimony. She encountered an unexpected diagnosis of high blood pressure and resting heart rate in vain of her attempts to eat healthy. “I was shopping at Trader Joes,” recalls Dr. Appolon. “I bought a lot of convenient, pre-made goods labeled ‘healthy’ and ‘low calorie’ not knowing it was high in sodium because of all the preservatives and so forth.”

Dr. Appolon is not alone. She is one of several Americans innocently thinking they are eating healthy, meanwhile actually poisoning their bodies in the process. Aimee Trudeau emphasizes the importance of reading nutrition labels while paying particular attention to the ingredients list. “These days it’s the only way to really know,” says Aimee.

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