When most people talk about eating habits and diet, 9 times out of 10, they talk about what we should eat saying that such and such a food is  good for you while another food is bad for you. But it’s not just what we eat that matters, it’s how we eat as well and I don’t just mean should you eat three meals a day, two meals a day or even six meals a day. It’s the actual eating habits that we have that can make a huge impact not only on what we eat but how that food affects us as well.

Registered dietician, Amy Watson has done a very nice article that answers the question, “Are you a mindful eater” and I’m just going to quote one thing from her where she says “Being a mindful eater can lead to better digestion. If your mind isn’t focused on the meal, your digestive process may be 30 to 40 percent less effective. This can contribute to issues such as gas, bloating, and bowel irregularities.”

It then goes on to show us how we can become more mindful eaters and improve both our digestion and our health. See the link below.

Link to the article




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