2015-07-15_1329Ann Fonfa was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 1993 while suffering from extreme chemical sensitivity.  She ended up refusing chemotherapy after a very insensitive doctor failed to even find out her objections before dismissing them. By joining a support group, Ann began researching ‘alternative’ therapies (which included, in those years, yoga, nutrition, exercise…). Ann began attending medical, scientific and research meetings in 1995 asking penetrating questions about dietary supplements taken with chemotherapy, asking about the environmental exposure, etc.  There are so many research questions that never get attention.  Even more than 20 years later, these are still open questions.  A large number of oncologists tell their patients NOT to do anything but conventional therapies and Ann asks “What is the Evidence for that?”  She founded Annie Appleseed Project in order to help educate and provide information on natural cancer strategies, lifestyle issues, complementary and alternative (which is a constantly changing area)therapies.  There is a large body of evidence available but most doctors are trained (by BIG PHARMA) to seek only Level 1 – randomized, multi-centered clinical trials which cost in the multi-millions to run.  Thus natural substances cannot really follow this path. Ann has also served on many panels, done a lot of grant review, and been lucky enough to attend conferences all over the US and abroad.  In recent years she has been to India, Germany, Japan, China, Spain, Portugal and Canada.  In 2016 she will attend a meeting in Australia.  She is an optimistic person and spends time every week speaking directly to folks with cancer, helping them make more informed decisions.  She is a happily married grandmother of two boys.

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