Haloween On Halloween Eve, NYC-startup firm Adventure to Fitness has five “healthy Halloween tips” for kids and parents to keep in mind this year. The company’s popular series of educational fitness videos are now used by over 90,000 teachers in all 50 states.

“Halloween is the beginning of a generally less-healthy time of the year for kids and adults alike,” stated Michael Rhattigan, Chief Adventure Officer for Adventure to Fitness. “We understand the need for fun – it’s what our program is all about. We want communicate that there are some practical ways to stay healthy during Halloween and the upcoming holiday season that don’t interfere with the fun of the festivities.”

The company distributed the following 5 tips to the more than 8 million kids using the program, and encouraged industry leaders to deliver the message to their audiences as well.

Adventure to Fitness’s 5 Healthy Halloween Tips:

1. Make sure children always walk from house to house. They should never run. Always accompany children while they trick-or-treat, and make sure they wear reflective gear.

2. Do something active each day to counteract holiday treats and sedentary time. Even if the weather is poor, there are always activities you can do inside. Fun fitness videos are a great idea for kids.

3. If trick-or-treating in a city, take stairs instead of elevators. If trick-or-treating in the suburbs, pick a time on the route to have everyone stop and do as many jumping jacks as they can in 1 minute. Make a game out of it and reward the winner (not with candy!).

4. Limit your child’s candy consumption by giving her a weekly limit. This will provide more flexibility while helping children learn to self-limit on a day-to-day basis – a valuable skill to have.

5. Don’t ever take homemade treats from strangers. Respectfully, say no thank you and move on to the next house.

Source: BWWFitnessWorld 

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