I’ve been off sugar for three years now. And I’ve shared tips and tricks with millions around the world on how to do so with (relative) ease. But between you and I, I still struggle with cravings. The stuff is gnarly – some say as addictive as cocaine and heroin – and it’s dangled in front of us everywhere we turn. What’s more, we’re actually biologically programmed to binge on it and to be obsessed by it. This is because it’s such a fantastic way for us to get instantly… yes… fat. Back in caveman times, when we needed as much fat as we could get and sugar was very rare (a few bitter berries here and there), this made sense. Today, of course, these cravings land us in dire trouble and we have to fight our cravings.

But here is a secret weapon that you can use in your own personal war against sugar. It stops cravings in their tracks but also deals with mid-afternoon energy slumps. Ready for it? Read more

Photo by Mark Bonica

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