You feel bloated, congested, and maybe a little gassier than usual. You’ve spent the majority of the day trying to get some form of bowel movement happening so that you can have substantial relief, yet every trick under your belt fails dismally. You’re desperate and do not want another day of feeling toxic. Sound familiar?

So in order to avoid another day sans poo and instead encourage healthy and satisfying evacuations, I make sure to do the following:

Eat supercharged food.

Eat meals rich in plant fiber, healthy fats, and bitter greens such as a green smoothie for breakfast, Sexy Sardine Salad for lunch, and Curried Lamb Casserole for dinner.

Also make sure to have superior meal hygiene to help the body break down and use the bowel-supportive foods well.


Sit, stand, walk, jog, swim, or do some yoga during the day. I rarely spend more than two hours in the same position even when I have deadlines to meet for work. Movement, whether it’s exercise or simple activity during the day exercises the intestines, improves bowel tone, and stimulates peristalsis, the pinching, squeezing, and kneading action of the intestines that helps move waste through and out of the colon quickly.

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