Fitness Sticking with a fitness routine is not always easy. We can be our own worst enemies. After all, we are toughest on ourselves. The truth is, missing a workout or sneaking a bite of cake becomes a way bigger deal in our own minds than it is in reality. Sometimes the only thing you need to keep you from sabotaging the rest of your day is empowerment. Here are some simple tips, from the editors at, for keeping things in perspective and motivating you to stick with your routine.

Prep Work: Getting fit doesn’t mean sacrificing taste! If you put a little work into finding recipes and blogs that inspire you to eat well you properly equip yourself to maintain a healthy lifestyle, by eating deliciously without any guilt.

Try Something New: Accomplishment = empowerment. Conquering a new class gives you the ability to resist unnecessary temptation and inspires you to take on new challenges. Not sure where to start? BurnThis has reviews of the best boutique fitness studios in your area!

Make It Social: Get your friends involved! Try skipping your Thursday evening cocktail hour for a boot camp, this is a great way to bond and accomplish your goals.

Dress Up: Dressing the part doesn’t just give you a more effective workout it also encourages you! Having a great gym wardrobe can get your excited about hitting a new class and confident to push yourself to the limits while getting your sweat on.

Mark Your Calendar: Scheduling your workouts is not only a great way to keep you organized, but dedicated. If you cheat at dinner and you’ve already booked an 8 a.m. class for the following morning you will be less likely to continue your downward spiral and won’t feel so guilty. Not sure where to start? Turn to technology! There are a plethora of amazing fitness apps on the market that motivate you and help you stay organized.

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