“It’s all over now, baby blue.” Bob Dylan may have been referring to the end of a love affair in that refrain, but it rings true for most of us after all the hoopla of the holidays. There is so much buzz, so much activity, during Christmas and New Year’s celebrations, that just the lack of action after January 1 is enough to cause some people anxiety, feelings of disappointment and depression.

If you’re one of those people who tends to succumb to the post-holiday blues, try simplifying your schedule and approaching the new year with a fresh anticipation of what’s to come. Rather than focusing on creating a set of resolutions or goals, choose one thing that you’d like to do differently or change about your life. Picking — and sticking to — one goal is easier than five or six.

In addition to simplifying your goals, here are some tips for boosting your energy, mental health, and overall outlook on life for the new year:

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