Fit What do you do to stay fit? What do you eat? How often do you exercise and what do you do?

If you are confused as to what’s healthy, you are not alone. We are flooded with health information, and some of it is contradictory. Clear the confusion and make fitness easier to achieve with these six trainer habits you can follow too.

1. Follow a two-day rule. Never go more than two days without exercise, even if that means you have to run stairs in your office building or work out in your hotel room or hotel gym if you are traveling. Following this rule means you never have to say “I haven’t worked out in months” again. To make it easier, try setting up your exercise like you do any other appointment on your calendar. Schedule it so each day when you wake up, you know precisely when you are going to exercise. Hint: Move more throughout your day on top of designated exercise. Any extra movement helps.

2. Drink more water. Every morning, before I eat or drink anything — and that includes my cherished cup of coffee — I reach for a big glass of lemon water and I drink it down. I squeeze about half a lemon into 16-20 ounces of room temperature water and sip. Lemon water has all sorts of benefits. Lemons flush out toxins and stimulate the natural enzymes in the liver, according to Dr. Joseph Mercola. Lemons help you boost your immunity, too, with their potassium and Vitamin C.

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