Running As runners, we love to lace up our shoes and head out the door to enjoy a few fun miles. The endorphin rush felt after a long run or interval session can’t be beat. But sometimes, injuries can keep us from doing what we love. What if there was a simple way to help your running by preventing overuse injuries — and even making you faster?

Good news is, the answer could be right at your core. By adding a series of core exercises to your running routine, you’ll be able to stay healthy by getting stronger, stabilizing your body while running and improving your form when you get tired. Plus, late in a race when you start to get fatigued, core work helps you maintain an efficient running form, enabling you to hold a faster pace. After all, strength training is the perfect complement to endurance training.

This series of exercises is a comprehensive core workout I developed for runners of all levels. It includes six movements repeated two or three times for 30 seconds to one minute each.

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