Fitness So, this happened to me on my morning run today: my pants fell off. Well, okay, they didn’t actually fall off, because I might have died of embarrassment before posting this. But as I ran, they kept sliding down to the point that I got so frustrated by a possible flashing situation, I cut my run short and went home.

This happens to me more than I would like. I mean, not the pants thing, necessarily — usually, pants are my first order of importance in workout situations — but I’ve also had earbuds that malfunction, sports bras that sag weirdly, and hair ties that pop, all which have led to discomfort and eventual abandonment of exercise. And an informal poll of Glamour editors has shown that I am very much not alone (thank goodness).

I shared my chagrin on the subject with Amy at Second Shift Athlete, who’s a whiz with finding ways to exercise, even when faced with a fail. And look at this! Some excellent ideas for dealing with workout clothing malfunctions on the fly.

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