Office 2 Many people welcomed 2014 with an enlightened sense of determination to make profound changes in their lives and get healthy. Now that we are six weeks into the year, however, resolve and tenacity are beginning to wear thin. Sheer willpower can only take you so far. So what to do now? One of the most profound actions you can take to ensure continued success is to set up your surroundings and schedule to align with your goals. Let’s start with your office. Here are five tips and tricks you can implement to improve your health while at work!

1. Be Prepared
Review your schedule for the following week. Mentally run through the days and visualize everything that you intend to do in this time frame. Do you have sufficient time to rest your mind and nourish your body with food between meetings, presentations, and deadlines? If not, make edits to your schedule and plan your work more efficiently. You will never be able to consistently make healthy choices on the fly due to factors beyond your control. You must make a plan ahead of time to guide you in times of doubt and stress. Then, all you need to do is execute. Planning in advance will bring you confidence and peace of mind which, incidentally, are conducive to your well-being.

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