Emotional Eating You may be fat because you simply cannot taste it. At least that’s what researchers at Deakin University believe. Their new study in the journal Appetite suggests people with a low “taste-threshold for fat” are more likely to overeat due to impaired satiety signals that normally come with a rich meal.

But overindulging isn’t just influenced by food choices. There’s ample research to suggest healthy eating is a highly sensory experience, and everything from the color of our plates to the sounds in the room may trigger a mindless binge.

1. Dine by candlelight.
Taking time to set the mood may increase your meal satisfaction, making you less likely to overeat. A study of fast food restaurants published in the journal Psychological Reports found that customers who dined in a relaxed environment with dimmed lights and mellow music ate 175 fewer calories per meal than if they were in a more typical restaurant environment.

2. Use contrasting plates.
Turns out the color of the plates we’re using may be as beneficial to healthy living as a colorful diet. A study in the Journal of Consumer Research found that participants who …read more

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