Angry Man on Scale Weight loss isn’t exactly the easiest thing. It’s annoying. You have to come to terms with the fact that you’re fat (it sucks, believe me, I know) and then you have to put all this effort forward making changes to your comfortable, luscious lifestyle so you can live a healthier,better one.

For instance, you have to swap out your double-decker peanut butter and jelly lunch sandwich (what, was that just me?) for some sort of grilled chicken salad concoction. Seriously, where’s the fun in that?

Clearly, losing weight is a taxing struggle as it is. However there are ALWAYS people that make it harder. You know, the people that think that they’re helping when they’re absolutely not? Those naggers who think they have your best interest in mind, but everything they’re saying makes you want to strangle them?

Here, let me give a few words to the wise. Check out the

10 things NEVER to say to someone trying losing weight:

1. “One tiny piece won’t hurt!” You’re right. It won’t hurt. In fact, it’ll probably taste absolutely fantabulous. But what you don’t seem to understand is I’m AVOIDING this food because I cannot just eat ONE PIECE. Stop peer pressuring me, clown.

2. “You don’t need to do this, you look fine!” Thanks. That’s sweet. I am doing this though because I want to feel fine. So please be a dear and pass me a bottle of water and a Crystal Light packet and help me fill my daily water quotient, will ya?

3. “So-and-so lost weight last month and she said dieting was HORRIBLE.” I. Know. It’s. Horrible. Stop. Telling. Me.

4. “Well where can you go out to dinner?” Why friend, that’s awfully nice of you to ask. I am physically capable of going ANYWHERE for dinner tonight — I just can’t eat the same quarter-pounder with cheese as you. PLEASE, don’t attempt to make special arrangements for me if I don’t say I need them.

5. “You’re not going to eat that, right?” Right — me putting a piece of chocolate in my mouth is one huge joke. You have NO idea that I saved up just enough calories by opting for an afternoon salad to savor this moment and now you’re ruining it for me. YES I’M EATING IT. LOOK, IT’S ON MY TONGUE.

6. “Just don’t lose too much weight, OK?” Let’s focus on the here and now, OK?

7. “I hate that you’re limiting yourself so much.” Can we just, like, talk about something that isn’t food? Let’s go see a movie.

8. “You look so skinny today!” Thank you! That’s an awesome compliment! But now I’m going to wonder what in the world I was wearing yesterday and why it made me look fat.

9. “What size are you now?” No. Just no.

10. “How much more do you have to go?” I’m sorry, I thought I was done? Cue feelings of nervousness, anxiousness, and who did I think I was kidding? syndrome.

What’s the most annoying thing someone’s ever said to you while you were trying to lose weight?

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