images“I know what to do; I just have to do it.” Have you heard yourself say this time and time again? Do you really know what to do?

How many times have you tried the same commercial diet plan because of the actress touting her success, the registration is free, you’ll receive a free giveaway, or there’s a discount on packaged food? The odds are your dedication to that diet plan was short-lived because it was born from commercialism. How many times have you revisited the same diet program and each time you started, you were a little heavier? Common sense is the best approach to sustained weight loss and optimal health, yet it’s the method least used.

You possess within you everything needed for a healthy body weight and sustained weight management. You have your brain for knowledge, reason, and self-love; your body to move; and your mouth to feed. With knowledge, you will instinctively know what works for you. Reason will help you to sort through all the hype, myths, and marketing ploys. Self-love will constantly keep you aware of the importance of caring for yourself.

Maybe you know what to do, but you just don’t know how to implement your plan. If you’re waiting for the perfect time or until you are ready, your may never achieve a healthy body weight. Capture the moment, and make now the perfect time.

Practice this 10-Step “Weigh” to a Healthy Body…

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