Write for Us

If you can write top quality article on the subjects outlined below …
Then we’d love to receive articles you’re proud of having written and put your name on that are supportive of our main topics:

  • Low Carb
  • Paleo
  • Natural Food

ways of living and eating.

In addition we’ll also be pleased to see article about

  • Exercise
  • Fitness
  • Health
  • Medical – i.e. breakthroughs that can help people in any of the topics above.

In fact if you can write on any subject in a way that is obviously relevant and sympathetic to any of the topics above it will be honestly considered.

OK So whats the worthwhile extra?

Simply put – GOOD articles will be featured on the website but…

If your article is well researched, well written and has good flow (in other words it is outstanding and makes you proud to have created it) then we’ll publish it in the Low Carb Mag.
This is a monthly publication that is available to over 100 Million potential readers through the apple itunes newsstand. (NO we don’t have everyone of them on our mailing list yet but…)
And you will be there – side by side – with other authors, experts and speakers in this fascinating area of health and wellbeing.

Article should be complete and tackle one subject very well. Our readers want principally three types of content:

  • information they can use right away to help them achieve their fat loss and fitness goals quicker and easier
  • Information that helps them make better long term decisions about their health and fitness
  • Information that make life more enjoyable without compromising the the above

Humour is appreciated so if you have a cartoon or funny photo relevant to the topics mentioned above – send it in… Good food is always a hit – so recipes that follow the Low Carb, Paleo and Natural food way of eating will always be well received .

But think outside the box too.
Adding two subjects together like say eating beef and adding in the case of naturally reared or grass fed beef (pig, bison, chickens…) and you have the basis of a great and well received article. Other example could be…

  • Holiday destination that don’t pile on the rice
  • bread or pasta.
  • Dancing as a form of exercise
  • Beginners guide to power walking
  • Why not to have liposuction
  • Oh the list goes on…

You can see our remit is actually quite wide.

In fact with sensible and intelligent thought you could turn virtually any article you’d write for health, sports, fitness, cookery or women’s magazine into one that is spot on for our readers.

OK some facts;
Our readership  largely fall into three main camps. They:

  • Are just starting to look after their health
  • Have been on other diets and failed and are now trying Low Carb or Paleo
  • Have got fit once and for all and don’t ever want to get fat or out of condition again

And many who will be transitioning between these groups.
What that means is you have a lot of scope.
If you can also provide relevant Images we can use (Yours, with all releases in place, CC or PD) then that will always count in your favour.

By the way. If we publish you, you get an about the author page on the website and some other goodies too…

What to do

Spell and grammar check your article and save it as a .txt, .rtf or word document and then send your article and images as attachments on an email sent to – feedback (at) lowcarbmag (dot) com and make the subject line “Article for Consideration”. Include your email address. A daytime telephone number would be useful too. Images must be yours or confirmed as Creative Commons (please supply the owner name and contact details) or Public Domain. See our image policy

So there you go,
I’m looking forward to working with you,

Mark Moxom
Editor Low carb Mag

One final thing . If you want your article to be featured in the magazine  – it will go up the queue if you include a good quality royalty free image for each page of content (one image for each 300 – 400 words) These can be your own images, ones you paid for and have a licence to use, CC – creative commons images or PD – public domain images. You must supply ALL photo/image credit information with each image or we can not use them.