Low Carb Paleo Show 034 Rachel Parent Interview

Hosts: Alain Braux and Mark Moxom interview Rachel Parent

Rachel is a savvy young lady whose mission is to explain to the world exactly what is behind GMOs  to  motivate them to ask questions and take action..  To do that she launched an organization called “Kids Right to Know”  through which she provides a huge amount of information for young people to exactly understand the problems are associated with genetically modified organisms and how they affect our health.

In this program we find out how and why she started doing this and learn how  effective her message has been in  informing people In positions of influence  that – at the very least – we should have the choice In deciding whether or not we consume genetically modified organisms through clear and adequate labeling.

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Rachel Parent on LowCarb Paleo Show

Rachel Parent on LowCarb Paleo Show


  • I am so happy to see Rachel’s influence continuing to spread. I support everything she stands for and will continue to support her! My family shares the non-GMO stance and also have been very low carb for over a year, and can attest to the benefits of both!