Low Carb Paleo Show 032 Tao of Paleo Interview

Hosts: Alain Braux and Mark Moxom interview Joseph Salama and Jason Goldberg who have together written a great book “The Tao of Paleo”.

Joe is president of paleo publishing, the producer of ancestral food summit and is a practising attorney. In his spare time he is a skydiver, a kung fu practitioner and on the board of several non-profit organisations.

Jason too is a martial artist, writer, blogger, mud racer and a professional pilot. Though much of his enjoyment comes through mentoring people through his Paleo Padawan programme.

With their years of experience in the field of paleo living they have got a huge amount of information to give us – so every moment of this interview is full of things that can make your paleo life all the better.

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