Low Carb Paleo Show 024 Chris Daly Interview

Hosts: Alain Braux and Mark Moxom interview Chef Chris Daly.

Christopher Daly is an executive chef, educated at the Culinary Institute of America Located just north of New York City in Hyde Park. He did his externship through CIA at the world renowned Beverly Hills restaurant, L’Orangerie. There, he was trained in classical and contemporary French Cuisine.

Chris’s career has taken him from Los Angeles to New York City to Paris and back where he has also worked as Stagier at Bouley, a New York Times 4 Star establishment  and a handful of Michelin 3 stars.

Chris has also created Hip4Kids which is an 11 year old not for Profit Company that was designed to teach children and parents about healthy eating to combat childhood obesity and type II diabetes.

To Date Hip4Kids has educated over 200,000 children and their parents here and across the country. To facilitate funding for Hip4Kids Daly has also created Hip World Foods, his answer to “The Next Paul Newman Company” Sales of the products provide the funding for Hip4Kids and Daly has 5 US Food Patents employed in the creation of 200 functional food products, his first The Chocolate HIP Cookie was first rolled out for a special event for Dr.Oz in Grand Central Terminal has appeared on Rachael Ray’s Healthy Snack of the Day for purchase through www.hipsnacks.com &is now available for retail. Daly continues to teach, cook privately and consult as well as helming Hip4Kids and is looking forward to an ambitious jobs creation program he has been planning to launch with local schools for community chef teachers that would work through their schools and Hip4Kids to continue bringing programming to New York’s neediest neighborhoods.

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