LowCarb Paleo Show 004 – Cereal Killers – Chocolate – Best Diet



In this show…

Hosts: Alain Braux and Mark Moxom…

In this program we find out which diet is the best – paleo, Mediterranean, Low Carb or another one entirely. A peak behind the scenes of Cereal Killers, and the chance to win a free viewing in your own lounge. More on chocolate (yes you wanted to know more) A look at Paleomazing. Plus our usual new views and comments to help your healthy living succeed…

Show Notes

Win Tickets to see Cereal Killers fill in the answer posed in the program  feedback

Win one of Alain’s bars of chocolate by suggesting a phrase like “may the dark side of chocolate be with you (you know… Like from Star Wars) send your idea to feedback

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PaleoMazing http://paleomazing.com

Lindt Chocolate http://www.lindt.com/swf/eng/chocolate-gift/


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Alain Braux

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Alain Braux & Mark Moxom

Alain Braux & Mark Moxom