Low Carb Paleo Show #003 – GMO and how to avoid them



In this show…

Hosts: Alain Braux and Mark Moxom…

Find A brief reason why chocolate is good for you. Reveal where you are being exposed to weed killer in your daily life. Review Robb Wolf’s Paleo Solution – The Original Human Diet and Mark Hyman MD’s ‘The Blood Sugar Solution 10 Day Diet. Plus we look at how to avoid the trouble GMO’s can give you. Plus our usual new views and comments to help your healthy living succeed. Oh And Chef Alain reveals his DARK secret…..

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Show Notes

Robb Wolf  at http://robbwolf.com  Make sure to get Robb’s free book.

Mark Hyman MD  http://drhyman.com

Lindt Chocolate http://www.lindt.com/swf/eng/chocolate-gift/


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Alain Braux

Mark Moxom



Alain Braux & Mark Moxom

Alain Braux & Mark Moxom