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17 FEBRUARY 2016

Unhealthy and addictive junk food

Junk food is high in refined sugar which puts your metabolism under stress.

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12 FEBRUARY 2016

Here’s Why Soda Is Even More Unhealthy Than You Thought

On nutrition labels, sugar is just sugar. But when it comes to how the body metabolizes that sugar, there are two very different molecules that make up what we think of as table sugar.

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27 JANUARY 2016

High intake of sugar ranks American and UK diets among world’s worst food plans

Eating a Happy Meal might make your toddler happy. But in terms of salt, sugar and saturated fat, that meal is an example of what made the United States and United Kingdom rank high on the list of the world’s worst diets, reported the Weather Channel on Jan. 17.

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8 JANUARY 2016

Ban These Foods From Your Diet

There are varying opinions across the country as to whether or not obesity is a disease. It seems that different diets work better for different people.

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6 JANUARY 2016

ADHD, Food Dyes, and Additives: What’s the Link?

You might have read that artificial food colorings can worsen ADHD symptoms such as inattentiveness and hyperactivity. And if you have a child with ADHD, you may have considered cutting out dyes and other additives from their diet.

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29 DECEMBER 2015

57 Sneaky Sugars to Avoid

All of the following are basically sugar, from our metabolism’s perspective:

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28 DECEMBER 2015

The dangers of diet soda

It’s not always easy to make healthy choices, especially with fancy marketing and sexy food and drink products everywhere you turn.

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24 DECEMBER 2015

Why You Should Never Eat High Fructose Corn Syrup

In America today, we are eating huge doses of sugar, especially high fructose corn syrup. It is sweeter and cheaper than regular sugar and is in every processed food and sugar-sweetened drink.

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22 DECEMBER 2015

Breaking Free of Processed Foods

Eliminating all processed foods is not a realistic goal. But, placing an emphasis on whole, fresh products can reduce our dependence on these convenience foods.

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21 DECEMBER 2015

Sugar and You

The one question we should be asking ourselves is: Are these sugary items worth the health disorders, either in ourselves or our children?

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