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17 FEBRUARY 2017

Ways To Avoid Stress-Related Weight Gain

Stress works by increasing the fight-or-flight hormone, cortisol, which makes you hungrier and also stimulates the deposit of fat around your midsection.”

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20 JANUARY 2016

Declaring War on Childhood Obesity

By applying a “don’t quit” attitude to fighting childhood obesity, we can help create the fittest and healthiest kids in the nation.

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6 JANUARY 2016

Mind Over Diet?

Study suggests people’s beliefs about causes of obesity influence their eating habits, weight.

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13 NOVEMBER 2015

Does Healthy Obesity Exist?

Obesity Won’t Kill You… But Its Complications Might

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21 OCTOBER 2015

How Sugar Went From a Condiment to a Diet Staple

Sugar used to be a condiment, but now it’s a diet staple. Soda, juice, sweetened coconut water, sweetened teas, Frappuccinos—these are all desserts.

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Why Do We Overeat, and How Can We Stop?

In a nutshell, research shows that calories gleaned from bread, refined sugars, and processed foods promote overeating, whereas calories from whole vegetables, protein, and fiber decrease hunger.

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24 AUGUST 2015

Sugar Is Now The Number One Enemy In The Western Diet

The UN has identified tobacco, alcohol and poor diet as central risk factors. The first two have been regulated by governments in order to protect public health, but poor diet is actually responsible for more disease than smoking, alcohol and physical inactivity combined.

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30 JULY 2015

Preventing Childhood Obesity: How To Help Kids Shed Weight By Changing Home Routines

Doctors may have found a way to simultaneously work on several major health problems facing U.S. children: obesity, too much TV, too little sleep and chaotic mealtimes. Maybe you can guess where this one is going.

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25 JUNE 2015

Kids on Sweets: Are We Raising a Generation of Sugar Addicts?

Sugar is enticing, but so are drugs and alcohol. We haven’t given up the fight in educating children about the dangers of drugs, and we must be vigilant about sugar and processed junk food as well. Otherwise, we’re working to prevent one harm while another rages on in our homes.

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24 JUNE 2015

Soda drinks may make children more aggressive and distracted

Soft drinks may cause young children to become aggressive and develop attention problems, according to a study published in The Journal of Pediatrics.

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