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10 MARCH 2017

Low Carb Mag April Edition

Finding common ground amongst people who differ from our own point of view does seem sensible when we think about it.

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Low Carb Magazine December 2016

When Robin Gentry McGee found out what was in the ‘food’ her father was being given in hospital, she decided to do something about it.

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3 JUNE 2016

Low Carb Magazine June 2016

Buy now You and I are very much concerned with looking after our physical well being but how much time, care and effort do we give to our emotional, mental and even spiritual well being? For many years I’ve been an advocate of treating the whole person. It is the root of health and healing and frankly anyone who tells you otherwise […]

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Low Carb Magazine October 2015

This months Low carb mag has a distinctive Gluten free flavour and much of that is due to the fact that our feature interview is with gluten free chef Oonagh Williams who tells about why she went gluten free in the first place, how she comes up with so many delicious recipes and we also look at the shady world of gluten free convenience foods.

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18 DECEMBER 2015

Secrets to getting your perfect body

With New Year’s right around the corner, many of you have ‘get fit’ or ‘achieve my perfect body’ on your resolution list. Here are secrets to getting that perfect body!

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6 OCTOBER 2015

Low Carb Mag October Edition

There is a lot happening in the lowcarb and Paleo world at the moment. I get the sense that our respective ways of living and eating are undergoing changes. On the lowcarb side – I can see that the Low carb Diet is maturing into something I’d describe as ‘middleage’. Now if you have passed that landmark yourself, you’ll know exactly what I’m […]

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4 AUGUST 2015

Low Carb Mag August Edition

There is no need to visit a special page, no sign up or anything like that – simply click on the link from the website, Facebook or wherever and download the magazine directly to your device as a PDF.

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24 JUNE 2015

Exercise to Protect the Prostate

What can you do to keep your prostate healthy? Fitness is key.

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7 MAY 2015

Fitness not age is what matters on the operating table

A patient’s fitness – not their age – should be the key factor in deciding whether they have an operation, a major study has concluded.

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31 JULY 2014

Is The Paleo Diet Right For Triathletes?

Athletes can benefit from a Paleo diet with just a few simple adjustments, says Joe Friel, a U.S. Olympic triathlon coach and author the seminal Cyclists’ Training Bible and Triathletes’ Training Bible.

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