Low Carb Paleo Show Interview with Primal Mark Sisson

LCPSWMarkSisson-SMHosts: Alain Braux and Mark Moxom interview Mark Sisson.

Mark Answers these questions in the way only he can – You’ll find his answers fascinating on so many levels. And you’ll get to know the really great guy behind all thing ‘Primal’

¬ What are the basic tenets of the Primal Blueprint diet?
¬ How is it different than Dr. Cordain, Robb Wolf or Chris Kresser version?
¬ How does it compare to the Atkins diet?
¬ Can you tell us who Grok is? Do you think Grok would survive in our modern society?
¬ Do you believe that a healthy diet is preventative medicine?
¬ What is your position on dairy?
¬ Aren’t you concerned that some hard core followers might overeat animal proteins on the Paleo diet?
¬ What are you exercise recommendations for the average Mark or Alain?
¬ Would you have other suggestions when it comes to ways to relieve stress?
¬ What are your recommendations regarding supplements?

Listen to the Show here