Julie Daniluk

JD-2016-Headshot 500Julie Daniluk’s heath journey began when she was very young, but she became a healer when she battled back from an attack of a digestive infection that nearly killed her in Thailand.  The infection ravaged the lining of her gut. She was no longer able to digest starches and developed allergies to dozens of different proteins—dairy, wheat, rye, spelt, corn, peanut and potato, to name a few. After years of coping with pain caused by inflammation, she thought to herself, enough is enough! She decided to give everything she had to healing.

Julie spent four years rebuilding her gut bacteria and repairing the lining of her digestive system. In the process of healing herself, she recognized that other people who struggle with inflammation and digestive distress desperately needed the information she was learning and the results she was accomplishing. She decided to write her healing journey into her bestselling book, Meals That Heal Inflammation, which has helped hundreds of thousands of people live a more vibrant life.  Now, every day that she choose a healthy option is one in which she can feel greater clarity, fluidity, energy and happiness. Every day that she choose a healthy option is also one in which she can feel the gratitude of wellness. And now she have a community that supports each other in creating juicy vitality in the world!